Embroidery of famous painting to mark Shanghai Expo

2010-03-23 08:55 BJT


The painting has also inspired a colorful embroidery. In the eastern city of Suzhou, embroidery dedicated to the "Scenery of the Fuchun Mountain" was stitched together seven years ago thanks the efforts of local artists.

Embroidery dedicated to the "Scenery of the Fuchun Mountain" was stitched together seven years ago thanks the efforts of local artists. 
Embroidery dedicated to the "Scenery of the Fuchun Mountain" was stitched 
together seven years ago thanks the efforts of local artists. 

The 12-meter-long embroidery of the famous painting provides an intricate reflection of the original work. Every detail of the painting has been recreated through meticulous stitching.

Many people have shared Premier Wen's desire to see both halves of the painting rejoined. Suzhou embroidery master, Ren Huixian, is among them. She began weaving her embroidery replica of the painting in 2002. Sadly, she died a month before the work was finished.

The embroidery was finished by her co-workers at the end of March in 2003.

Sun Peilan, embroiderer, said, "Suzhou embroidery is an item of China's National Intangible Heritage. We are honored to use the ancient handicraft to create works of art. I believe Premier Wen Jiabao would be glad to see the embroidery."

Proposals have been made for the embroidery to be displayed at the Shanghai World Expo, so overseas visitors can appreciate its beauty.