Romance drama begins national tour

2010-03-24 09:04 BJT


The drama "Love for Peach Blossom" starring TV actress Mei Ting has kicked off its national tour. Recently the play hit the stage in Dalian in northeast China's Liaoning Province.

The drama "Love for Peach Blossom" starring TV actress Mei Ting has kicked off its national tour.
The drama "Love for Peach Blossom" starring TV actress 
Mei Ting has kicked off its national tour.

Scriptwriter, Zou Jingzhi, drew inspiration from an ancient story set a thousand years ago. The gripping play captivates audiences with the plot's twists and turns. It covers classic Shakespearean themes including love, revenge and tragedy.

The play heralds TV starlet, Mei Ting's, return to the stage after a decade-long hiatus. Cast as a Tang Dynasty beauty, the actress's role embraces her dancing and opera performance talents.

"Love for Peach Blossom" debuted in 2003 to rave reviews at the mini-venue of Beijing People's Arts Theatre.

Since then, eight different versions of "Love for Peach Blossom" have been staged in mini-theatres.

Now, the play is taking the stage at larger theaters. With veteran director He Nian at the helm, exquisite stage designs and classic costuming highlighting the beauty of the Tang Dynasty, "Love for Peach Blossom" blooms with tradition and modernity.