US holds exhibition celebrating Elvis Presley

2010-03-24 09:05 BJT


The hip-swinging, generation-defining career of Elvis Presley is the subject of a new exhibition in the US. On show are rare possessions from the Presley estate, including his daughter's footprints and a signed champagne bottle.

The marquee for the Newseum's upcoming Elvis exhibit is seen at the Newseum in Washington, on Tuesday, March 9, 2010. 
The marquee for the Newseum's upcoming Elvis exhibit is seen at the Newseum
in Washington. 

Elvis Aaron Presley would have turned 75 this year. The Newseum in Washington DC is retelling the story of the music sensation as he was portrayed in the news media.

The exhibit examines how Presley's music and physicality pushed the boundaries of US mainstream taste and free expression.

Newseum President Ken Paulson says the young performer was controversial as soon as he landed on stage.

Paulson says the exhibit traces Presley's rise to prominence from a regional star to a global icon. The singer combined traditionally black rhythm and blues with white country music and a swivel of his hips, bringing teenage girls screaming to his concerts.

Ken Paulson, president of Newseum, US, said, "Press coverage was highly critical, they talked about his threat to the morals of this country and how if this were not stopped young people would be subjected to all kinds of immoral thoughts and sexual thoughts."

It seems the negative press helped turn Presley into the "King of Rock and Roll".

The exhibit also shows rarely seen photographs and film footage of news conferences.

There is also memorabilia from Presley's visit to the White House during President Richard Nixon's tenure.

The exhibit was designed in conjunction with Elvis Presley Enterprises. It includes a number of rare objects from the vaults of Graceland, Presley's home, which have never been publicly displayed.

The private memorabilia on display for the first time includes the footprints of 'Girl Presley' as Lisa Marie Presley was known at birth, as well as a champagne bottle signed by the newly weds from the Aladdin Hotel - a gift for Presley's parents.