Spain Pavilion showcases history

2010-03-25 18:29 BJT

Special Report: Shanghai World Expo 2010 |


As one of the largest self-built pavilions at the Shanghai World Expo, the Spain Pavilion covers an area of some six thousand square meters. The structure is also known as the poetic flower basket. It aims to showcase the history of cities in the Iberian land.

As one of the largest self-built pavilions at the Shanghai World Expo, the Spain Pavilion covers an area of some six thousand square meters.
As one of the largest self-built pavilions at the Shanghai World Expo, the 
Spain Pavilion covers an area of some six thousand square meters.

The exterior of the building resembles the look of a flowing dress, signifying passion and enthusiasm. The atmosphere inside, however, is one of fascinating mystery. To get inside, visitors must explore a rocky passage at the entrance of the building.

Hall Number One will present a scene from prehistoric life in Europe. Spectators will be brought to time immemorial when early humans still relied on a hunting and gathering as a way of life. Thousands of projectors will be used to render up vivid natural scenes on the walls and ceiling of the hall.

In the second hall, visitors enter the modern era. Through five gigantic video screens, visitors will be able to appreciate the most charming parts of Spain's urban life. The footage has been created by the most accomplished documentary makers from Spain.

Leaving behind the past and present, spectators will soar into the future in the third hall. Currently, the spacious hall is still largely empty. But it promises to be the most fascinating section of the whole building.

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