Outer space lands at Shanghai World Expo

2010-03-26 09:24 BJT

Special Report: Shanghai World Expo 2010 |


Want to experience a bigger screen? How about one like the outer space? There's a chance in a month at the Shanghai World Expo to do just that. China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation has released details of the Space Pavilion.

The pavilion will look like a huge cube suspended in mid-air. With a surface like outer space, the pavilion has three parts, called "The Original Dreams", "Walk in Outer Space" and "Beautiful Home".

 China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation has released details of the Space Pavilion. 
 China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation has released details of the
Space Pavilion. 

They all aim to show how aerospace technology changes people's daily lives from yesterday to the future.

Two domestic 3D films themed around outer space will be on show to visitors. Construction of the space pavilion is near completion.

The test run will begin in mid April before it officially opens to the pubic on May 1st.

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