Ethnic intangible heritages show wraps up

2010-04-01 09:17 BJT


The month long show of Chinese ethnic intangible heritages has wrapped up in Beijing. The show featured mixed performances of cultural legacies from more than a dozen ethnic groups in China.

The divine setting and drum dance brought by Jinuo people opened the heritage show. Jinuo is an ethnic group living in Yunnan province, with a small population of only 20-thousand. The big drum on the center stage symbolizes sun, a totem worshipped by the people since ancient times. The dancers are commemorating ancestors, praying for blessing, and warding off evil.

The month long show of Chinese ethnic intangible heritages has wrapped up in Beijing. The show featured mixed performances of cultural legacies from more than a dozen ethnic groups in China.
The month long show of Chinese ethnic intangible heritages has wrapped up in 
Beijing. The show featured mixed performances of cultural legacies from more 
than a dozen ethnic groups in China.

The closing show of the month-long ethnic heritage performances in Beijing was truly a grand finale. It was a concentration of the essence from performances over the past month. Highlights included singing from a sister and brother duo of the Yi minority, and young girls and boys from the Zhuang minority singing in opposite groups, flirting in a kind of question-and-answer format.

Ethnic flavor from all over China was encapsulated into the show. Kyrgyz people from Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region sang and danced accompanied by their traditional instruments. There was a Qiang minority dance, the lyrical long song and Humai from the Mongolian ethnic people, the vibrant and enthusiastic Tibetan dance, and a Korean farming dance. Also, Uygur people played the Muqam, an indigenous folk instrument, and the Hui minority presented a folk song called "Hua'er", which literarily means "flower".

Over the past month, more than twenty ethnic groups displayed their intangible cultural heritage, mainly through songs and dances, here in the capital city.