Soprano Tan Jing to inspire volunteers at Shanghai Expo

2010-04-01 09:42 BJT

Special Report: Shanghai World Expo 2010 |


Acting as the image ambassador to volunteers at the Shanghai World Expo, singer Tan Jing will give a special performance on April 20th, which is the day the Expo Park opens for a trial running. The soprano says she hopes to boost the morale of Expo volunteers.

Tan Jing's Shanghai concert will embrace the "global" idea of the Expo.

Tan Jing's Shanghai concert will embrace the "global" idea of the Expo. 
Tan Jing's Shanghai concert will embrace the "global" idea of the Expo. 

The concert will be a diversified blend of styles, varying from expo theme songs, all-time pop favorites, Chinese traditional ballads as well as a handful of world classics.

Tan Jing confesses that she has been under quite a lot of pressure.

Tan Jing said, "The concert will be one of the first activities to mark the opening of the Shanghai Expo. I'm quite nervous now. As it is a global event, the songs chosen for the concert should also be international ones. Apart from my own tracks, I will also reinterpret songs that have a wider fan-base, such as Michael Jackson's 'We are the World' and the Russian song 'Opera 2'."

Tan Jing is also one of those behind the production of "The World", the theme song for the Shanghai World Expo volunteers. Starring no big stars but only the volunteers, the music video portrays an energetic, disciplined, and devoted group of common people who will be one of the elements that guarantee the success of the Expo.