China's provincial pavilions about to finish

2010-04-02 09:11 BJT

Special Report: Shanghai World Expo 2010 |


Construction crews from different Chinese provinces are busy putting on the finishing touches to their provincial pavilions for the upcoming Shanghai Expo. All the steel structures were finished in February, and the interior design and the exhibition arrangement will be completed very soon.

Venturing into these pavilions is a journey into China's historical and cultural treasure trove. The rich tapestry of Chinese culture and regional customs and life styles are made evident through the different pavilions. The culture of China's multiple ethnic minorities adds to the grand manifestation.

According to the head of China Pavilion, Xu Huibin, the provincial pavilions will present a kaleidoscope of Chinese styles and features, which differ greatly across the country.

In the Yunnan Pavilion, workers are applying color to the embossing work done by artisans of the Bai Ethnic Minority.

In the Yunnan Pavilion, workers are applying color to the embossing work
done by artisans of the Bai Ethnic Minority.

For example, in the Yunnan Pavilion, workers are applying color to the embossing work done by artisans of the Bai Ethnic Minority. The technique requires the use of bronze ash, sticky rice, and iron wire to shape the outline, then color is carefully added.

The provincial pavilions will start their test runs on April 20th.

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