World Expo Pavilions to be completed

2010-04-07 08:48 BJT

Special Report: Shanghai World Expo 2010 |


With the World Expo less than one month away, the pavilions have almost completed construction and are getting ready for test runs in late April.

Covering more than five square kilometers, the World Expo park is divided into five different areas. In Area A, the Qatar Pavilion has just completed construction. The pavilion features three halls, the first one is devoted to the beautiful scenery of this wealthy and beautiful country. Interior design in the second hall is modeled after a noisy bazaar in Qatar, and the third hall paints a vision of Qatar's future.

With the World Expo less than one month away, the pavilions have almost completed construction and are getting ready for test runs in late April. 
With the World Expo less than one month away, the pavilions have almost completed
construction and are getting ready for test runs in late April. 

The dancing water is a highlight of the Private Enterprise Pavilion. The equipment itself cost over 10 million yuan. These white balls will be projected onto a giant LED screen and change according to different scenes.

The Private Enterprise Pavilion is the last self-built pavilion to start construction, yet it is the first to be completed.

Sun Jun from Private Enterprise Pavilion said, "We started working at half past seven every morning and completed at half past eleven. We are trying our best to display the vigor and creativity of Chinese private enterprises."

Most of World Expo pavilions will be ready for their test runs in late April.

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