Beijing College Student Film Festival opens

2010-04-09 08:49 BJT


Hong Kong action film star Donnie Yen is featured in the latest film to open the 17th Beijing College Student Film Festival. "Ip Man 2" is the sequel about Kungfu master Yip Man, the mentor of Bruce Lee.

Leading actors and director spoke with college students before the film "Ip Man II "was screened. The release is the film's global premiere before it hits cinemas across China at the end of the month. At last year's festival, the first episode of "Ip Man" got a good response from the college audience and won the Best Director and Best Actor awards.

Hong Kong action film star Donnie Yen is featured in the latest film to open the 17th Beijing College Student Film Festival.
Hong Kong action film star Donnie Yen is featured in the latest film to open 
the 17th Beijing College Student Film Festival.

Donnie Yen, lead actor of "Ip Man II", said, "I'm glad to see such a great number of passionate students who love movies. They are the mainstream of movie-goers. If you can win their hearts, your film will be successful. "

Wilson Yip, director of "Ip Man II", said, "As a director, keeping a child's heart is a must. Young people have many dreams. Film is an ideal, a dream. Preserving a sense of wonder is the key."

Now in its 17th session, the Beijing College Student Film Festival is screening more movies than ever. 155 domestic films joined the competition round. 39 entries are up for major awards including "Cow", "The Message", "Examination 1977" , "Apart Together" and "Ip Man II". The 39 films will be screened in 11 colleges around China. A panel of judges comprised of insiders and college students will choose the winners.

Initiated in 1993, Beijing College Student Film Festival is from... and for the college students. In the past 17 years, over 3-and-a-half million students have joined the event.