Ultra-modern Chopin museum opens in Poland

2010-04-13 09:19 BJT

A museum dedicated entirely to the musician Frederic Chopin has opened its doors in Warsaw. The exhibition showcases Chopin's last piano and his death mask.

For his 200th birthday, Frederic Chopin received a very special gift: a museum in his honor.

The Chopin museum is set in Poland, where the composer was born in 1810.

As a child, Chopin moved to Warsaw from a nearby country estate, where he spent the first 20 years of his life before moving to Paris.

The interactive multimedia museum is set in Warsaw's stately Ostrogski Palace, home of the Frederyk Chopin Institute, which underwent major renovation and expansion to house this museum.

Curator Alicja Knast says they welcomed the idea of devoting an entire museum to the famous composer of the Romantic-era.

Alicja Knast, Curator, said, "A museum is of course of interest for people who like to visit museums, but I think it is also as interesting for people who don't generally go to museums, I'm excited about that. I'm excited that Frederyk Chopin creates a good occasion for people to visit a museum."

On April the 6th, the first visitors were able to discover the interactive exhibits.