Switzerland Pavilion for Shanghai Expo

2010-04-13 09:19 BJT

Special Report: Shanghai World Expo 2010 |

Switzerland's pavilion has taken up the Expo's sub-theme of "rural and urban interaction". The overall concept for the exhibition is a balance between man, nature, and technology.

The interactive and intelligent facade of the official Swiss Pavilion reveals, in a fascinating way, how much untapped energy surrounds us.

The facade surrounds the Pavilion in the form of a curtain of woven aluminum.

Each facade element integrated into the curtain contains an energy source, an accumulator, and an energy-consumer in the form of an LED cell.

The energy produced becomes visible in the form of white flashes. Visitors will see the "environmental influences" and become aware of the energy.

Bird's eye view of the Swiss pavilion (expo2010.cn)
Bird's eye view of the Swiss pavilion (expo2010.cn)

Visitors can also be face to face with the Swiss. Twelve Swiss people present themselves to the public in life-size images on screens. They talk about their visions of the future, their expectations, and their dreams. This section focuses on the responsible citizen, who is a prerequisite for a healthy and sustainable future.

A shortened version of the IMAX film entitled "The Alps" will be shown in the Swiss Pavilion, tailored specially to its large projection screen.

The film shows a continual series of broad landscape views of Switzerland that sweep with deliberate slowness across the mountain scenery.

The film shows the omnipresence of the Swiss mountains that, apart from being beautiful, represent a harsh and difficult habitat for mountain populations.