Iceland Pavilion unveils design

2010-04-14 08:54 BJT

Special Report: Shanghai World Expo 2010 |


And continuing our coverage on the Expo pavilions, today we talk about Iceland, which is known internationally for its active volcanos, geysers, and glaciers.

Although the country was hit hard by the financial crisis, it still managed to participate in the Shanghai World Expo with a distinguished venue of its own. So, let's take a look at the Iceland Pavilion.

The Iceland Pavilion is decorated as an "Ice Cube", made of block lavas with crystal-like transparent adornments on the exterior.
The Iceland Pavilion is decorated as an "Ice Cube", made of block lavas with
crystal-like transparent adornments on the exterior.

The Iceland Pavilion is decorated as an "Ice Cube", made of block lavas with crystal-like transparent adornments on the exterior.

The Pavilion focuses on the relationship between Icelandic people and nature. It introduces how the country has learned to use clean, renewable energy in daily life.

The Iceland Pavilion is rich in elements that best represent the country, such as the splendid volcanos, waterfalls, and the use of water power and geothermal heat.

The temperature and humidity in the Pavilion will be kept at a comfortable level to simulate the summer in Iceland.

Visitors will be invited to drink the pure natural spring water from Iceland, accompanied by live performances of Icelandic musicians.


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