Shanghai Int'l Jewel Exhibition closes

2010-04-14 08:54 BJT


The 2010 Shanghai International Jewelry Exhibition dropped its curtain at the city's New International Expo Center on Monday.

The fair attracted over four hundred jewelry dealers and manufacturers from 22 countries and regions, who have brought along pieces with exquisite designs.

Photo taken on the 2010 Shanghai International Jewelry Exhibition
Photo taken on the 2010 Shanghai International Jewelry Exhibition

These pair of earrings are made from precious emerald and contain thoughtful details. The design is inspired by a traditional Chinese pattern, which symbolizes peace, well being, and prosperity.

Yu Zhongda, exhibitor, said, "There's a portfolio of legends and folk stories in Chinese culture. What we want to do is to present emeralds, which are among the best way to represent the essence of Chinese culture, in a more cultural and aesthetic way."

Attracting the center of attention at the exhibition was this necklace, which incorporates the patterns of gourd and cloud to symbolize auspiciousness. Additional Chinese flavor was seen in a series of pieces called "Wind from China", featuring items in a variety of shapes such as peonies and animals of the Chinese zodiac.

The Chinese elements occupied the major part of the exhibition, alluring jewelry dealers and manufactures with distinguished yet creative designs.

Professionals and insiders have predicted the trend of the domestic gem market. They anticipate pearls and crystals will be all the rage in the near future.