A city changes because of World Fair

2010-04-15 09:00 BJT

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Now, here's another example of how a World Expo can change a host city for the better and leave a lasting effect many years after the event is held.

When Seattle hosted the 1962 World Expo, the city took the theme of "21st Century". Nowadays, some of the ideas that event previewed have become reality.

Scenery of Seattle
Scenery of Seattle

Space Needle, the landmark architectural feature of Seattle, was built for the 1962 World Expo. The tower represents the dream shared by people in that era to explore space. Every year the tower draws a million visitors from around the world.

When the 1962 event opened, visitors walked into the 21st century in advance. They brainstormed about the future era. Exhibitors dreamed of private planes, floating classrooms that moved throughout the day following the sun, and video phones showing the caller's face.

That session of the event drew more than 10-million visitors to Seattle, and brought verve and vitality to the city, which at the time was widely unknown to foreigners. The Seattle Fair was the first in the event history to make a profit. And it contributed to the city's later prosperity. Supermarkets, Starbucks, and Microsoft's headquarters were built there after the world fair.

Later, there was the construction of the city's theater, symphony orchestra, and an arena for the NBA Supersonics. Now, Seattle is a major city on the west coast of the US with a solid reputation in terms of science, economics, culture, and art.

Editor: Liu Fang | Source: CCTV.com