Fashion shows move to shopping centers

2010-04-15 09:00 BJT


For most of us, fashion shows are something that happens on the runway in the midst of a formal gathering. But over the past week or so, a series of fashion shows were staged at more accessible locations.

Now, the runway might be in a shopping center near you.

While it is still the spring of 2010, pioneering designers of the China Fashion Alliance have already set their sights on the styles for 2011. 
While it is still the spring of 2010, pioneering designers of the China Fashion
Alliance have already set their sights on the styles for 2011. 

While it is still the spring of 2010, pioneering designers of the China Fashion Alliance have already set their sights on the styles for 2011. At their recent trend-setting show, the themes have turned out to be "the ocean, ecofriendliness, and futurism". With typically Chinese fabrics, they produced garments featuring fascinating international elements. And the show attracted quite a crowd of shoppers.

Fashion shows at public places like the shopping center is a recent initiative by the China Fashion Alliance as the organization aims to promote domestic fashion labels. The Alliance was founded by the China Textile Industry Society, the China Textile Information Center, the China Apparel Society, and the National Textile Products Development Center. Over the years it has successfully created links between the designers and apparel manufactures.

According to the China Fashion Alliance, elements such as lace, fringe, and plume will continue to rule the scene next year. And marines colors like blue and silver-grey will dominate over others.

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