Spy drama "Legend of the Wind" in production in Tianjin

2010-04-26 09:33 BJT

Spy drama "Legend of the Wind" has begun filming in the North China city of Tianjin. The TV series features performances by Liao Fan, Liu Weiwei, Zhang Xinyi, and Hu Ke. To kick things off this week, the production crew held a press conference on location.

The production crew held a press conference on location.
The production crew held a press conference on location.

The TV drama "Legend of Wind" will come in the three sections: Sound of Wind, Wailing Cranes, and Silence. The plot is based on the screenplay of the recent big-screen movie "Sound of Wind" and tells the story of a thrilling hunt for an undercover agent. While eager to share their enthusiasm for the show, the actors were careful not to disclose any secrets.

Zhang Xinyi, actor, said, "Actually the undercover agent to be found is no longer a specific person. It is just a symbol. It's like a radio signal that will never disappear."

Liao Fan, actor, said, "It was a very big organization that was being penetrated by enemy agents. If you want to know the answer, you have to see the show yourself. The story comes in three parts. They are kind of interwoven together. The characters are the same. But they are set in a different time and space."

The drama promises to exhibit more of the examples of torture applied when an agent is found. But rather than the physical aspects,it will focus on the psychological stress. And impressionistic approaches will be used to give the viewers greater room for imagination.

Editor: Liu Fang | Source: CCTV.com