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Chinese dance over the last 60 years

In unison with the rest of the country over the past six decades, Chinese dancers have whirled and soared along a stylish path.

60 years of Chinese fine arts

The development of Chinese art reflects the sweeping changes in Chinese society over the past sixty years.Each turn of event has been recorded on canvas, in detail and with enthusiasm, by generations of Chinese painters.

A musical flight through 60 years

From the barracks ballads to patriotic songs from film themes to TV drama songs from China´s own national "bel canto" to the popularity of pop, from the emergence of Hong Kong and Taiwan pop music to the prosperity of music all around the nation the development of the People´s Republic of China covers all the aspects of modern music history.

Reviewing 60 years of Chinese cinema

Over the decades, the film industry´s development has been subject to changes in society. From the black-and-white movies in the 1950s to the special-effects-laden "Curse of Golden Flowers", Chinese cinema has gone through a long and rugged journey.

Brief review: Change of 60 years Chinese culture

Starting from now, we´ll broadcast a seven-episode special series to celebrate the culture of new China over the past sixty years.

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