Dialogue 09/08/26 Lockerbie flares up again & Bernanke re-appointed

2009-08-27 13:58 BJT


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Hello, I am Yang Rui and reporting live. The Scottish decision to release Al Magrahi, the only Libyan terrorist convicted of the worst atrocity in British history has drawn strong protests from the US. This perpetrator of the 1988 Lockerbie bombing has been given a reception of a national hero in Tripoli, capital of Libya. 270 people were killed in the tragedy. The Western media hype attributes the early release of Magrahi to energy deals between Libya and the UK. The allegation has been vehemently denied by Downing Street citing compassion as the sole excuse. Scottish legal authorities argue that Mr. Magrahi is terminally ill and will die in a few months after returning to his own country.

To take a closer look at the flare-up of the legal controversy, we are joined here live by Mr. Victor Gao Zhikai, and Mr. Edward Lehman, managing director of Lehman, Lee and Xu. We shall talk to Dr. John Armstrong, an Irish visiting scholar from Fudan University in Shanghai, in a short telephone interview pretty soon.

But, before we start the interview, let us look at this footage.  But in the second half of our program, we shall turn to the US to look at why Mr. Ben Bernanke has been re-nominated as chairman of the Federal Reserve for another four years despite its poor ability to foresee the devastating financial meltdown. That will be in the second half of the program. But, this news story first.

In the first half, Americans accuse the Scottish legal authorities of rewarding a top terrorist with an early release and a touching family reunion. In this second half, we shall discuss why Mr. Bernanke, who has just been re-appointed by President Obama for another term of the Federal Reserve, is said to be a reward for a failure. Joining us now here live is Mr. Charles Liu, managing partner of the Hao Capital. 

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