Voices and Votes: Global media cast eyes on China

2010-03-04 21:59 BJT

Special Report: 2010 NPC & CPPCC Sessions |

The annual plenary sessions for the National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference have attracted media attention across the globe. International journalists are in Beijing to cover the sessions, seeking clues into China's political life and economic prospects.

As the world's fastest growing economy and a key player on the world stage, China's policy making has great impact not only on China, but also the world.

Given China's dazzling growth figures, even in a year of global recession, the world is very interested in the country's economic prospects.  

Journalists from the Associated Press say the Chinese Economy is their main focus.

Journalist from AP said, "I think China's economy is important in the world economy. So the world audience is keenly  interested in what economic policies China will implement this year. And whether the exit will be time to be well enough so it won't cause shocks within the Chinese economy and the world economy."

The Beijing Bureau of the Russian News Agency Itar-Tass also says the economy is a central issue.

Journalist from Itar-Tass, said, "I think these sessions will be mostly devoted to economic questions. Fortunately China did not suffer that much from the economic crisis and economy is still growing. I really expect  Mr. Wen Jiabao to make a report on the government work and tackling economic crisis. "

New plans for improving people's daily lives are another area of global interest.
Singapore's newspaper Lianhe Zaobao says there is a tendency in China for the government to attach great importance to improving living standards.

The Washington Post draws attention to new changes in China's democratic process. It reports that China is to increase the number of rural deputies in the National People's Congress.

For the international community, the annual NPC and CPPCC sessions have become an opportunity for the world to look in on China's social and economic development.

Editor: James | Source: CCTV.com