Tian wei interviews CPPCC member Zhao Qizheng

2010-03-13 20:34 BJT

Special Report: 2010 NPC & CPPCC Sessions |

China has recently faced many challenges from the international community. How to use diplomacy to ease tension was a topic of discussion during the two sessions. Tian Wei spoke with Zhao Qizheng, head of the CPPCC foreign affairs committee. He's also the spokesman of this year's session of the advisory body, and he told us more about Chinese diplomacy.

Q1: Chinese foreign minister Yang Jiechi said "Be reasonable instead of being tough when we come across foreign affairs." Do you agree with that?

A1: Being reasonable is very important. Being reasonable means you are confident. A mature diplomat won't be impatient as well as a mature country. Being reasonable is the sign of maturity. Minister Yang is right.

Q2: We have seen the influence of the CPPCC in various fields of dealing with political and social affairs. So how do you describe the political participation of the CPPCC?

A2: We know there are connections among political consultation, democratic supervision and political participation in state affairs. The key issue is how to put them into practice. The CPPCC is definitely different from what some foreign media had said. The CPPCC owes its obligation to both the political system and society in China.

Q3: How do you prove that?

A3: For example, our group, the CPPCC foreign affairs committee. We make full use of our time to find better ways to express ourselves. I think we need to let them understand the reality in China and the real power of the CPPCC.

Q4: Keeping a low profile is one of the natures of Chinese diplomacy. As China becomes stronger and more powerful economically, do you think we still need to do that?

A4: Personally speaking, we need it.

Q5: Why do we need to keep a low profile?

A5:I think keeping a low profile means being modest regarding ourselves and in the way we treat others. China needs to communicate with the world peacefully.

Editor: Du Xiaodan | Source: CCTV.com