08/06/02 Scientific Life: Qian Xuesen (II)

2008-06-02 08:43 BJT

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On September the 17th, 1955, at the port of Los Angeles in the U.S., the Ocean Liner SS President Cleveland was about to set sail. On board were the world-famous rocket scientist Qian Xuesen and his family.

The photograph shows the people who came to see Qian Xuesen off. The man with his back to the camera is an FBI agent, who is preventing people from approaching Qian Xuesen. Qian himself had already been informed that, in order to guarantee his personal safety, he should remain out of sight throughout the entire voyage. He had already spent five years being investigated by the US authorities. Qian had always kept smiling in the face of the adversity. He told reporters he was very happy to be going back to China. Despite his return being delayed by the US authorities, he was still determined to do whatever he could to contribute to his motherland, and help his fellow Chinese lead a better and more dignified life.