Documentary 2010-04-14 Huangmei Opera: Part 7 " The Heavenly Match" 1

2010-04-14 07:35 BJT

Yan Fengying was a famous Huangmei Opera artist. she was well-known throughout the country by the film "The Heavenly Match". She had learned from Gan Gongsan to sing Kunqu Opera and Peking Opera in the Gan family house. She adapted the tunes of Peking Opera and Kunqu Opera in her singing and adapted the fan and sleeve movements of Peking Opera to her acting. It greatly helped Yan Fengying to improve her singing in Huangmei Opera. She made a great contribution to the refinement of Huangmei Opera. However, Yan Fengying had to confront a difficult choice between her work and love at that time. In today's program, Mr. Wang Zhaoqian tells the love experience about Yan Fengying and himself.

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