Lapse of Zodiac

February 10th, 1948 was the first day of Chinese New Year, the year of Wuzi in the lunar calendar.In a liberated area in northeast China, the peasants who had been allotted movable property and land from landlords pasted New Year couplets on their doors.

Discovery of Folk Arts

Chinese folk art is expressed in many different ways: embroidery, textiles, paper-cuts, masks, wood-carving, ceramics, and more. Each minority group has its particular way of expressing these art forms...

Chinese Nation

China has 56 ethnic groups and the mixture of them is called Chinese. Though most of them are well-known by us, there are still varied misteries behind their peaceful lives. Let´s go behind and uncover a seriers of the secrets...

Olympic Stories of Chinese

Since it won the bid to host the games, Beijing has been endeavoring to make it the best ever. Great preparations in all aspects are being made by the Chinese people in cooperation with the Chinese government.

China´s Contemporary Painters

It is hard for people to go beyond the society in which they live, and even harder to go beyond their own conceptions. But such is art. Whether for the individual or history, going beyond conceptions represents a breakthrough.

Documentary on the Wenchuan Earthquake

History will never forget the strong earthquake that shook the land of China on May 12, 2008. Confronted with this disaster, the Chinese nation displayed a spirit that shook heaven and earth.


Beijing, Are U Ready?

In 2008, Beijing will host the 1st Olympics ever hold in China, so we grand a city pull off a 6-day celebration for the entire world. Let´s go and find the answer to a big question --"Beijing, are you ready?"

Tibet, past and present

Show you a true Tibet contrasting between the present and past days of Tibet.


In the past, work units provided housing as part of the state´s welfare system.

Civilization & Innovation

The Chinese civilization is one that has continued uninterrupted for more than 5,000 years. The distinct cultural tradition of the Chinese nation that developed in the long course of history has exerted a strong influence on contemporary China, just as it did on ancient China.

A Passage to Africa

This was the first general program made by Chinese TV reporters on the African continent. During their 100-day stay in Africa, they traveled 80,000 kilometers through 28 countries.

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