12-27-2005 15:11

Coronary bypass surgery seems mysterious to ordinary people, but it is a routine operation for the doctors of the Beijing Fuwai Cardiovascular Diseases Hospital.

Though the patient is seriously ill and three main blood vessels in his coronary artery are 85% blocked, the operation goes smoothly and only takes three hours. Two years after the operation, we find the patient in Shunyi, Beijing. Before the operation, he wasn’t even able to go down the stairs. Now he is recovering well.

The death rate of bypass patients at the Fuwai Cardiovascular Diseases Hospital is the lowest in the world. The Internet broadcast was done to strengthen patients’ confidence and overcome their fears so that they’d get operation done as early as possible. This is also the hope of Prof. Wu Qingyu, who will conduct the operation.

There are two operations today. They are both very complex. In fact, the operations Prof. Wu Qingyu does now are all complex and some of them are rarely seen both at home and abroad, such as the double switch, a kind of operation on the main artery developed in recent years.

The first Chinese person to successfully receive the double-switch operation was this one-year-old little boy, Dandan. A year ago, his birth brought great joy to his parents. However, before long he began to suffer recurring infections and heart failure. When his parents learned that the only way to save him had never been done before in China, they almost lost hope.

Just as they were about to give up, they were given new hope. After a careful examination and many studies, Prof. Wu Qingyu decided to do the double-switch operation on him.

After the six-hour operation, Prof. Wu rebuilt Dandan’s heart system. The oxygenated blood was transferred to the left ventricle and the unoxygenated to the right ventricle. The main artery and lung artery were also transferred. His heart deformities were all fixed.


Editor:Wang Ping