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Building energy saving

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In January, 2008, snow storms devastated wide areas of southern China. The power grid suffered a severe damage at a time when there was an urgent demand for heating.

China’s national energy-conservation campaign

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One evening in June, 2008, people in the city of Xiamen turned off the lights and air-conditioners and went outside to enjoy an open air relaxation.

Energy-saving in countryside

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In the past 20 years, per capita incomes in China´s rural areas has increased 7 times. Meanwhile, energy consumption has doubled. With the improvment of living standards, coal and liquefied gas has replaced more traditional sources of energy, such as straw and firewood.

China takes actions to save energy and reduce emissions

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During the 11th Five-Year Plan which spans from 2006 to 2010, China has set energy-consumption adn pollutant emissions reduction targets. This will help to strengthen energy conservation and environmental protection.

Energy conservation in companies

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In 2008, Baosteel, China´s largest iron and steel maker, reach an agreement with an Australia Mining Group Rio Tinto on hiking iron ore prices. However, for Chinese companies, the rising cost of energy and raw materials continue to be a major headache. - ERROR