Mandarin’s House: Home to one of history’s great men

2009-12-14 17:30 BJT

The Mandarin’s House in Macau is a traditional Chinese work of architecture that was once the home of celebrated Chinese literary great Zheng Guanying. Zheng Guanying was an extremely learned man and a great economic theoretician. It is said that Guaying’s writings on the economy influenced Dr. Sun Yat Sen and even Mao Tse Tung who invoked great cultural and economic changes in China.

First built in the year 1881, the Mandarin House has been occupied by different families over time, but Guanying remains its most famous resident. Located close to Lilau Square one of the oldest Portuguese style piazzas in the city, this house illustrates Macau’s culturally diverse background and its hybrid architectural styles.

The Mandarin House is a traditional Chinese house that covers an area of 4,000 square meters. The complex encompasses a garden, gatehouse, courtyards, servants and master’s quarters. The gatehouse opens up into a large elaborate courtyard that separates the master’s quarters from the servant’s quarters as well as the outdoor garden.

The buildings are built in typical Chinese style except for the subtle Western influences that are detectable in the motifs; this is common among architecture in this region. Since Chinese architecture in the 20th century was supplemented by influences from Europe, India and other parts of the world. These influences can also be seen in the interior ceilings, archway over the door, window openings and the mother of pearl window openings that have Indian origin.

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