Lin Zexu Memorial Museum

2009-12-15 15:17 BJT

The memorial museum is located at the foot of the Mong Ha Hill, more specifically, the northern part of Macau which is near the border or Portas do Cerco.

Lin Zexu Memorial Museum 

Lin Zexu Memorial Museum 

It is inside another Macau attraction, the Lin Fong Temple, an excellent example of the traditional and eclectic Chinese architecture.

It aims to commemorate the visit of the imperial commissioner Lin Zexu to Macau on the 3rd of September 1839 (during the reign of the Emperor Dao Guang). The aim of the visit was to ensure both the prohibition of the opium trade in the Territory administered by the Portuguese authorities and the Portuguese neutrality in the differences that opposed Great Britain to China and which would lead to the Opium War. This war would result in the opening of a number of Chinese ports to the international commerce and to the cession of the Hong Kong Island to the British.

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