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Eulogy on Burying a Crane

For over 1000 years, a hill named Jiaoshan standing right in the middle of the Yangtze River at it´s lower reaches has been an objective fascination for calligraphers and literati. The focus of all these interest is the inscription carved on the cliffies.

The Last Days of Dr. Sun Yan-Sen

In 1911, Sun Yat-sen led the democratic revolution that overthrough China´s last imperial dynansty. Subsequently, he was elected as the first president of the newly-founded Republic of China.

A Voyage Chasing the Sun

The series would accompany a famous ship on an epic voyage from Europe to China. The ship’s name is the Gotheborg, suffered a mysterious fate.

Historical Figures and Macao

Macao returned to Chinese rule in December, 1999. But way back in 1535, Macao was designated an open port. From then on, Macao developed into a major foreign trade port in China’s southeast.

Chinese Labor Corps in World War I

An estimated 145,000 Chinese workers stood shoulder to shoulder with British and French soldiers during the comflict from 1914 to 1918. More than 20,000 of them were killed.

The Yellow River Flows Onward to the Sea

The Chinese refer to the Yellow River as "the Mother River" and "the cradle of the Chinese civilization".

The Search for the Tomb of Cao Cao

Cao Cao was a warlord and the penultimate Chancellor of the Eastern Han Dynasty who rose to great power during its final years in ancient China.

The Road to Civilization

The Mediterranean Sea is a sea or Ocean off the Atlantic Ocean surrounded by the Mediterranean region and almost completely enclosed by land: on the north by Europe, on the south by Africa, and on the east by Asia.

Chinese Civilization

China is an East Asian country with a large territory, a huge population and an ancient history. With written records dating back 4,000 years, it is recognized as one of the four great ancient civilizations of the world

Chinese Kung Fu

Kung fu and wushu are popular terms that have become synonymous with Chinese martial arts.

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