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Quake survivors fear aftershocks

2009-09-03 13:22 BJT

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West Java is the epicenter of the earthquake in Indonesia. Residents in the West Java village of Pengalengan stay in makeshift tents.

The quake has already destroyed hundreds of houses.

Kokom, said, "I'm here because my house collapsed and I'm afraid of more aftershocks."

Paramedics from the Indonesian Red Cross are treating the victims.

Sutita, Patient, said, "I was in my house when the quake struck. I waited for a moment and then ran out as the roof tiles crashed on my head."

Authorities in Pangalengan estimate some five thousand have taken refuge outside their homes.

Some even do for fear of aftershocks although their houses still stand.

They're still compiling details of the casualties.

Obar Subarna, said, "From the reports so far, seven have died, one of them a child. Some 80 were injured but 90 per cent have gone home while seven are at the hospital."

Local authorities say the earthquake has affected half of Pangalengan's districts.

They will decide later whether the area needs heavy equipment to clear the debris and look for possible survivors.

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