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Iraqi shoe-thrower to be released

2009-09-14 13:15 BJT

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Last December, former US President George W. Bush paid a farewell visit to Iraq. During a press conference hosted by Bush and Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, an unexpected accident shocked the world. Now, one of the key roles in the event is coming back to the headlines.

The moment has been replayed countless times across the globe.

Showing the sole of your shoe to someone in the Arab world is a sign of extreme disrespect, and throwing your shoe is even worse.

A 30 year-old Iraqi reporter made headlines with his gesture, to express his fury about Bush's policy.

Muntadhar al-Zeidi was then sentenced three years in prison, which was later reduced to one year for no prior record. He is now to be released on Monday, three months early for good behavior.

A great celebration to welcome him home will be held at his working place.

Ahmed Jabar, Cameraman of Al-Baghdadyia Channel, said, "We are waiting impatiently for the release of our colleague from prison. "

Ali Muteer, Correspondent of Al-Baghdadyia Channel, said, "The reception will be a great one, especially after he has spent many months in jail. Our company will provide him with medical care. So the final decision is up to him if he wants to continue working here."