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Police swoop on Jakarta bombing suspects

2009-09-17 14:28 BJT

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Indonesian counter-terrorism forces have raided a house in Central Java. It comes as police step up their hunt for suspects of July's deadly bombings in the nation's capital, Jakarta.

Indonesian police raided this house in the Central Javan city of Solo. Counter-terrorism forces believed suspects of the Marriott Hotel bombings had been hiding at the house.

Police cordoned off the neighborhood late on Wednesday. They fired several shots during the raid, sparking panic among some villagers.

Witness, Solo, Centeral Java, said, I"I heard gunshots, and the children thought they were firecrackers. But I clearly heard bullets flying around."

An explosion at daybreak cut electricity along streets surrounding the house. An ambulance waited nearby as police evacuated villagers from the area.

Several suspects have been detained or gunned down amid a series of raids in recent weeks. But the alleged mastermind of July's attacks -- that killed nine people including a pair of suicide bombers -- remains at large.

Police continue to search for several militants believed to have planned the operation and recruited the bombers.

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