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President Hu pledges continued efforts tackling climate change

2009-09-23 12:45 BJT

Special Report: Hu attends UN, G20 Summits |

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President Hu Jintao is calling for international joint work in tackling global climate change. He's also promised China's continued efforts.

Addressing Tuesday's summit, Hu Jintao called for the world's concerted efforts to tackle climate change.

President Hu said, "Global climate change has a profound impact on the existence and development of mankind. It is a major challenge facing all countries."

Hu Jintao announced four measures China will adopt to integrate action on climate change into its economic and social development plan, with goals set for 2020 from 2005 levels.

First, stronger efforts in energy conservation and efficiency. And the goal to cut carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP by a notable margin.

Second, developing renewable energy and nuclear energy. The goal is to increase the share of non-fossil fuels in primary energy consumption to around 15 percent.

Third, increasing forest carbon sink by 40 million hectares and forest coverage stock volume by 1.3 billion cubic meters.

Fourth, developing a green economy, low-carbon economy and circular economy, and enhance research, development and dissemination of climate-friendly technologies.