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President Hu lays out five-point proposal for safer world

2009-09-25 13:16 BJT

Special Report: Hu attends UN, G20 Summits |

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The UN Security Council has opened a summit on nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament at its headquarters. Chinese President Hu Jintao laid out a five-point proposal aimed at building a safer world through nuclear disarmament. The summit was held on Thursday along with the annual debate of the UN General Assembly.

President Hu said nuclear proliferation remains a pressing issue and nuclear disarmament a long and arduous task during his address to the council. He said to realize a safer world for all, the world must first and foremost remove the threat of nuclear war.

The Chinese President called for efforts be made in the following five areas:

First, to maintain global strategic balance and stability and vigorously advance nuclear disarmament.

Second, to abandon the nuclear deterrence policy based on first use and take steps to reduce the threat of nuclear weapons.

Third, to consolidate the international nuclear non-proliferation regime and prevent the proliferation of nuclear arms.

Fourth, to fully respect the right of all countries to the peaceful use of nuclear energy and carry out active international cooperation.

And finally, to take strong measures to step up nuclear security and reduce nuclear risks.

The Chinese leader reiterated his country's firm commitment to a nuclear strategy of self-defense.