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Chinese celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival in various ways

2009-10-03 18:41 BJT

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Today marks the 15th day of the eighth month in Chinese lunar calendar, the Mid-Autumn Festival. It's a day for family reunion. As this year's Mid-Autumn Festival coincides with the National Day holiday, people across the country are celebrating both festivals in various ways.

People at this community in Sichuan Province celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival together. Last year's earthquake was devastating, but looking into the future, they are confident of a better life.

Ma Xingheng, Sichuan Province, said, "The quake affected us greatly. But life is stable now with help from the government. We are happy to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival here."

In eastern China's Jiangsu Province, volunteers celebrated the day with some 20 children whose parents have been away from home for work. The volunteers brought mooncakes, stationery, and other gifts to the children.

Wang Yidan, Jiangsu Province, said, "They came to play with us. I'm so happy. I will help those in need when I grow up, as what they help us now."

As this year's Mid-Autumn Festival coincides with the National Day holiday, people across the country are celebrating both festivals in various ways.
As this year's Mid-Autumn Festival coincides with the National Day holiday, 
people across the country are celebrating both festivals in various ways.

A similar activity was seen in a community in Hubei Province. Scores of elders got together to make mooncakes. Most of the elders have their children away from home for work.

Local Resident, Hubei Province, said, "I feel so happy to be together with people here. This is great."

The Mid-Autumn Festival has promoted a busy market across the country. Supplies remain adequate and stable. Many food shops are working overtime to produce mooncakes, both traditional and novel types. Shopping centers around the country are making special festival promotions to attract an increasing number of consumers.