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Military parade shows scientific development

2009-10-09 13:14 BJT

Special Report: 60th Anniversary of PRC |

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More than 50 types of new weapon systems were displayed at this year's National Day parade. All of them were made in China and 90 percent of them were paraded for the first time.

Wang Jingsheng has been working at this factory for more than 30 years. He has witnessed three National Day military parades and the rapid progress of China's scientific innovation.

Wang Jingsheng, technician of China North Industries Group Corperation, said, "In the past, the accuracy rate for our products is around one single hair, but now, we reduced it to less than one third of a hair."

Accuracy is not the only area of improvement. The time frame for manufacturing military equipment has also shortened.

Xue Changxing, secretary of CPC China North Industries Group Corp. Committee, said, "We spent 30 years developing our first-generation of equipment. The third generation only took five years."

Wang Yulin, Deputy Director of Ordnance Science Institute of China, said, "Our products are all close to, or reach, international standards."

All of China's aircraft were imported at the first National Day parade 60 years ago.

A total of 151 warplanes took part in this year's parade, including the advanced J-10 fighter jets. Ninety-five percent of them made their debuts at the grand event.

China's military has transformed from being a labor-intensive force to a technology-intensive force. This year's parade displayed China's determination to safeguard its national security and maintain world peace.

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