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Scholars from Japan & ROK confident on trilateral meeting

2009-10-10 13:43 BJT

Special Report: 2nd China-Japan-ROK Summit |

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The second trilateral leaders' meeting between China, Japan and the Republic of Korea has begun in Beijing. Scholars from Japan and the ROK are confident the meeting will oversee progress on regional and international issues.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of trilateral relations between China, Japan and the ROK. To some scholars, the meeting will enhance understanding and cooperation among the three countries.

Scholar on Chinese Affairs from Waseda University of Japan, said, "The meeting is beneficial to the formation of the cooperative mechanism. It will deepen the mutual understandings and enhance the prestige of the leaders. I'm looking forward to this meeting."

The three leaders will discuss the Democratic People's Republic of Korea's disarmament and nuclear non-proliferation. Japan's analyst believes China plays a crucial role in urging DPRK to return to the six-party denuclearization talks.

"Through the six-party denuclearization talks, we can provide financial support to the DPRK and develop further cooperation with the nation. We want to maintain our shared standing with five other nations to solve the nuclear issue, instead of subverting the government. China plays an important role in solving this problem."

Academics from South Korea hope the meeting will bolster trilateral relations and cooperation.