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A/H1N1 flu virus spreading quickly in China

2009-10-31 13:38 BJT

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China is seeing a sharp rise in number of A/H1N1 flu cases. Experts believe the peak is yet to come.

They predict a nationwide flu peak season could last two to three months.

The virus is spreading fast and health authorities in China are intensifying prevention and treatment.

The A/H1N1 flu virus is spreading quickly in China, with the flu season coming earlier than in previous years.

In Beijing alone, about five-thousand flu infections were reported every day in the capital recently.

Over half of them have been confirmed as A/H1N1 flu infections.

Liang Wannian, Emergency Office, Health Ministry, said, "Most of the A/H1-N1 flu patients are students. Most of the mass infections also took place in schools. Therefore schools are the focus of our prevention and control work. "

Liang says although the virus is relatively mild, it could become severe for patients who have a weak immune system.

Liang Wannian, Emergency Office, Health Ministry, said, "How to detect severe cases and cure them in an early period has been the key of our job."

As of Friday, the Chinese mainland has reported nearly 45-thousand confirmed cases, including 82 people with severe symptoms.

Health authorities say they are confident and capable of controlling the spread of A/H1N1 flu, as long as medical resources nationwide are distributed and used in a scientific way.


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