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China rescue team reaches world standard

2009-11-15 12:30 BJT

China's International Search and Rescue Team has passed a United Nations standard test, becoming the world's 12th UN-classified heavy rescue team. UN officials say the team will be a valuable part of future humanitarian rescue operations.

Searching, rescuing, and ensuring that the process goes safely and smoothly -- all in a day's work for China's Search & Rescue Team. Recently, it staged a drill at an earthquake rescue training base in Beijing.

From morning till night, team members worked continuously for 36 hours. In recognition of their hard work, these rescuers can now count themselves among the world's elite rapid response teams.

Team members were presented with a certificate, a flag and arm bands from the UN. Should disaster strike again, China will be able to call on a modern, professional rescue squad.

Wang Hongguo, Chief of China Int'l Search & Rescue Team, said, "We don't want earthquakes. But if one hits, we will be prepared. We will save more lives."

A UN-classified heavy rescue team can search and rescue people from collapsed buildings. It can arrive in a disaster area within 48 hours, work continuously for 10 days in two separate locations, and is able to cooperate with the UN and local governments.

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