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No mutated A/H1N1 virus in Ukraine

2009-11-21 13:28 BJT

Special Report: World tackles A/H1N1 flu |

The World Health Organization says there have been no mutated strains of the A/H1N1 flu virus found in the Ukraine. The WHO was responding to recent rumors that a new type of the flu had killed hundreds of people.

On the train from Russia to Ukraine, conductors all wear masks, while only a few passengers have chosen to wear them.

When crossing the border, masked border police are not even bothering to check the temperatures of passengers.

It is 8am local time when the train pulls in to the Ukrainian capital of Kiev. We can see that even during rush hour, most have decided to forgo the mask. People do not seem to be worried about the current flu outbreak in the country.

A local resident said, "I take a mask with me, but only wear it when where people gather. For example, I wear one when I am on the subway or the bus."

"For one, I took some anti-virus pills, but I also think the best prevention method is to build up your resistance to the virus. And there are also some traditional methods, such as having some garlic, onion and honey."