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Five Honduran candidates compete for presidency

2009-11-26 14:19 BJT

The Honduran presidential election is scheduled for Sunday. Five candidates are running for the top post. But who will be the country's first president after June's coup? The real competition focuses on two candidates from two big, traditional parties.

The election pits Elvin Santos from the Liberal Party against Porfirio Lobo from the Nationalist Party.

Forty-six-year-old Santos is a successful entrepreneur. The construction companies in his name have taken on many government projects. Santas began his role as vice president of Zelaya's government in 2006. He resigned last year to run in the presidential election. While Zelaya and Micheletti belong to the Liberal Party, Santos' position is clear--- he disagrees with Zelaya's policies. But the coup has split the party's supporters, which is his disadvantage.

The 62-year-old Porfirio Lobo lost to Zelaya by 73-thousand votes in the 2004 presidential election. This time, he is taking the middle course. Lobo stresses that he will tackle social injustice, poverty and insecurity. Meanwhile, he advocates unity among Hondurans. Only in that way can Honduras achieve reform, and the people obtain liberty, democracy and prosperity.

The two candidates have already wrapped up their publicity campaigns. The latest opinion poll shows Lobo taking the lead.

"I hope the crime rate can fall. A sense of security is very important. I will vote for Lobo."

"I support Santos as he has the best campaign platform, which is beneficial to Hondurans."