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Changes take place since implementation of Basic Law in Macao

2009-12-04 14:05 BJT

Special Report: Macao 10 Years On |

It's just 17 days before Macao celebrates the 10th anniversary of its return to the motherland. Since its reunification with China on December 20th, 1999, Macao has been through a decade of stable development. It has been growing stronger day-by-day. As it is a small city with only 500,000 residents, Macao's per capita GDP ranks among the highest in the world. Ten years ago, the Special Administrative Region implemented the Basic Law. There have been many changes since then.

The year is 1999.. with this melody that was composed to mark the historic moment, Macao was finally returned to the motherland.

On December 20th, 1999, the central government restored its exercise of sovereignty over Macao. The Basic Law of the Macao Special Administrative Region was put into effect. Under the guiding principle of "One country, two systems" and "Macao people governing Macao", Macao enjoys a high degree of autonomy under the Basic Law. And, the Basic Law has brought tremendous changes to the region.

Rao Geping, HK Basic Law Committee member of NPC Standing Committee,said, "I go to Macao every year and have witnessed the changes there. Macao people say they are experiencing the largest change in four-hundred-years. They can feel the huge changes there."

Wang Zhenmin, Macao Basic Law Committee Member of NPC Standing Committee, said, "The largest change in Macao is that it's becoming more prosperous and busy than ever before. I remember the time I went to Macao in 1992 and 1993, the city looked so bleak and desolate. The whole society is now flourishing and enjoying prosperity."