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Green Report: Young Chinese reduce carbon footprint

2009-12-05 14:45 BJT

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As people are the major source of greenhouse gas emissions, changing our behavior is crucial to tackling climate change. In China, as the awareness of climate change improves, realizing a low-carbon way of living, also known as reducing your carbon footprint, is a growing trend among young people.

Zheng Xiyu works at office in Beijing's Central Business District. Everyday, it takes her roughly 40 minutes to go to work by bus. But she's thinking of switching to a different mode of transport - a bicycle.

Zheng Xiyu, Reporter of, said, "Riding a bicycle takes roughly the same amount of time compared with using the public transport. But it's more convenient and environmentally friendly. It's also a good exercise for me."

Zheng works for a website on a low-carbon economy. This gives her better insight into environmental issues. She also reducing the amount of carbon needed to power her daily life.

Zheng also said, "Our country is big and has abundant natural resources. But we also produce a huge amount of carbon dioxide. So everyone should try to be low-carbon. For myself, I'm now paying more attention to some details in life, such as turning off the computer and the light when not using them."

Zheng Xiyu and her colleagues have created a low-carbon working environment. They also share with each other tips for developing low-carbon habits in daily life.