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"Hello, Macao" marks 10th anniversary

2009-12-05 15:37 BJT

To mark the 10th anniversary of the return of Macao to China, the stage show "Hello, Macao" was mounted on Thursday. The show, which was created by the PLA Soldiers' Troupe, proved to be a real sensation at the Macao Cultural Center.

To mark the 10th anniversary of the return of Macao to China, the stage show "Hello, Macao" was mounted on Thursday. 
To mark the 10th anniversary of the return of Macao to China, the 
stage show "Hello, Macao" was mounted on Thursday.

Following the theme of "best wishes for Macao", the show presented a lively program of songs, dances, and acrobatic stunts. Among them were such stellar acts like "Flying Goddess" and "Flexible Plank", which have won national awards in recent years. Tribute was also paid to the PLA garrison troops who have safeguarded the Special Administrative Region over the past decade. The performers were all elated to see the robust development of Macao SAR.

Dai Yueqiang, Vocalist, said,"It has been ten years since Macao returned to the Motherland. We have been longing to see the city."

During the night, a mini-dance drama won enthusiastic applause. The performers used originally designed choreography to chronicle local life. Portraying figures like a fisherman, an embroidery girl, or a college student, they created a vivid panorama of the energetic civic society of Macao, ranging from everyday life to important occasions like weddings.

The show was attended by over 11-hundred local residents.