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Climate change activists protest around Europe

2009-12-06 13:56 BJT

Special Report: UN climate change conference in Copenhagen |


Thousands of climate change activists have held protests across Europe. They are calling for a concrete deal on climate change at the conference in Copenhagen which opens Monday.

In Glasgow, Scotland, the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition organized a protest called "The Wave."

About 7-thousand people dressed in blue participated in the march.

The demonstration was one of many held across Europe over the weekend.

In London, about 20-thousand people marched through the city.

Among the climate crusaders were some well known faces who lent their support to the cause.

Micheal Fish, Former BBC Weater Presenter, said, "In a way it is too little too late. We've got into a scenario now where we could well find the earth temperatures going up by a couple of degrees. So we must to something to prevent it from getting any worse."

For others, the wish is simple.

Peter Capaldi, Actor, said, "I have a child and I want the child to live in a world where she can breath the air and live in London which isn't under flood water."

In Berlin, protesters gathered in front of the city's famous Brandenburg Gate.

A mock polar bear on a melting ice block was used to draw attention to the Arctic's melting ice caps.

Meanwhile in Copenhagen, the message was stern.

World leaders attending the climate convention will be greeted by their own portraits hung throughout the city. The images have been digitally aged to make the leaders appear as they would in the year 2020, with the message "I am sorry."

The Copenhagen summit aims to draft a replacement to the Kyoto Protocol, which ordered emissions cuts by 37 industrialized nations.

Global temperatures are rising by nearly 0.2 degrees Celsius per decade and twice as fast in the far north.

The 192-nation Copenhagen conference is unlikely to produce any binding legal agreements. But experts hope it will produce a framework for internationally binding agreements next year.

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