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China advocates low-carbon living

2009-12-07 12:24 BJT

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"Drive or take a walk?", "Use the lift or stairs?" Chinese people are taking these questions seriously. Many are taking real actions in their daily lives to reduce carbon emissions.

In the city of Nanjing in East China, volunteers are giving away the first environmentally-friendly subway tickets in the country. This helps persuade people to use more public transport more often.

A student said, "What I value is not the price of the ticket, but the idea of environmental protection it's promoting."

The tickets are made of recycled paper. On the first day of their release, more than five thousand were given to passengers.

A Nanjing resident said, "In order to make our air cleaner and the sky bluer we should all show our support and use cars less. "

As more and more Chinese families own cars, auto emissions pose a greater threat to the environment. In Nanning, Southwest China, volunteers manned a publicity stand at a motor show.

Environmental volunteer Xiao Su said, "Now the weather is pretty cold. When you start your car, you need to warm up the engine. When you're driving, don't step on the accelerator too hard, or slam on the brakes. That wastes gas."

The volunteers also designed a quiz on environmental protection. The prizes are environmentally-friendly as well.

Environmental volunteer Xiao Su said, "These pencils are made of recycled newspapers. This is a good way of showing how many used items can be recycled."

In China, more and more people are actively seeking an energy-saving and low-carbon life-style, and finding that just a little can go a long way to making a difference.

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