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Changes mark success of "one country, two systems"

2009-12-12 12:29 BJT

Special Report: Macao 10 Years On |

Since its return to the mainland 10 years ago, Macao has witnessed great changes reflecting the success and vitality of the "one country, two systems" principle. With its economy more prosperous than ever, and people's livelihoods substantially improved, Macao is confidently looking forward to another 10 years of success.

Ten years on, the little girl who touched the hearts of millions of Chinese people with the "Song of the seven children" has grown up. Now a sophomore at Macao University, Ron Yunlin has personally witnessed Macao's rapid growth.

Rong Yunlin, a college student of the University of Macao, said, "Macao has changed a lot in these 10 years. As a Macao resident, I'm very happy. Our life is getting better and better."

During the past 10 years, Macao's population has grown by 100,000. Its economy has grown by an average of 13 percent per year. The government's fiscal reserves have increased from 2.4 billion to 100 billion. The latest report on people's livelihoods shows that the personal well-being index in Macao has hit a new high.

Macao students said, "The policy is good. We have free medical care. We got a 1,000-yuan pension, too."

"There has been no serious crime for years. Social order is much better."

"More and more visitors come to Macao. Business is good."

The people of Macao are sharing the benefits after the return. The free market system is showing new vitality. This January, the "Global Index of Economic Freedom" report indicated that Macao ranks first among small economies.

The One Country Two Systems Research Center of Macao recently conducted the largest poll of its kind in the region's history. The results show that among the 5,000 families surveyed, over 95% believe "one country, two systems" had been successful in Macao.

The Central Government recently transferred jurisdiction of a 1.09 square-kilometer island to the Macao Special Administrative Region, where the new campus of the University of Macao will be built. The State Council also approved Macao's plan to reclaim more land from the sea. As the 10th anniversary of Macao's return draws near, these generous gifts from the Central Government will provide new space and dynamism to sustain Macao's continued development.

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