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Hubei province may face power cuts

2009-12-13 12:54 BJT


Little rainfall and severe weather are restricting coal and electricity supplies in Hubei Province.

Normally Hubei Province consumes 100 thousand tons of coal a day. The current amount in store is only enough for less than ten days.

Stocks in many cities around the province are below warning levels. If there's severe weather in the near future the province could face power cuts next month.

To tackle the shortage, Hubei has bought 2.14 billion kilowatt-hours of extra electricity from neighboring Henan, Shaanxi and Shanxi provinces, equivalent to one million tons of coal.

Hubei province used to rely heavily on hydropower generation, but this summer's rainfall was low, so there's less water to generate electricity.

The local government is limiting electricity use to high power consumption enterprises.

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