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Tasty tour in Macao city center

2009-12-14 14:03 BJT

Today we have tasty treat for you. My colleague Xu Zhaoqun is now at the small street right in front of the famous Da Sanba, or the Ruins of Saint Paul's Cathedral. The street in the city center is well known for its shops selling traditional food. 

Hello Zhaoqun, I'm sure you must have found many interesting things there, including the famous souvenirs called Sousam. Would you share your experience with me and our viewers? 

Thank you, I will pay you back.  Now, can you go to one of the shops and tell us about its success story?  

Zhaoqun, I know this is not your first visit to Macao. What do you feel, when you're once again standing in this small familiar street?


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