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Macao tourism: A booming industry

2009-12-16 12:15 BJT

Special Report: Macao 10 Years On |


Macao used to attract travelers solely with its huge gaming industry. But now the city has more selling points --- its world heritage, shopping paradise, and a variety of dishes. The number of tourists coming to Macao has been rising constantly since it returned to China 10 years ago.

CCTV reporter Liu Ming said, "We are trying to turn Macao into a multi-functional place, a shopping center, a food city. What's more important, Macao has become a hot tourist spot since the Macao World Heritage was recognized in 2005. So it's a city telling history and sharing cultures as well as letting people relax and have fun."

A Chinese mainland tourist said, "It's great we can travel here individually and we can arrange our schedule as we like. It's my first time here. But it's definitely not my last time. I will recommend it to my friends back home."

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